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October 19 2008

E-mail of Andrea and David Rollo

Dear Hotel Manager

My husband and I stayed in your hotel in September this year. We enjoyed our stay in Palermo and considered the hotel very comfortable and the food was very good.

The reason I am writing to you is that we encountered difficulties with lost baggage (lost by the airline when we travelled to Catania). Your receptionist was outstanding in the way she assisted us to communicate with the airline and help us to make arrangements for our bag to be returned to us. Our bag had gone missing 4 days earlier and we were desperate to get it back before embarking on the next leg of our holiday. Being from Australia we thought that if the bag was not returned to us in Sicily we were not likely to see it again until we returned to Australia or may not see it again ever.

The airline staff were not contactable on the phone number they had given us and your receptionist found other phone numbers to make contact. She also negotiated with them to ensure our bag would be delivered before we left Sicily. We were overwhelmed by her kindness and we canít say enough about how fantastic she was in helping us deal with a problem when we spoke almost no Italian. We have left knowing that the customer service offered at your hotel is world class.

Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your team, particularly to the woman with blonde hair - she was instrumental in finalising the arrangements to get our bag back before we flew out of Sicily.

Thanks again

Best regards

Andrea and David Rollo

Sydney, Australia


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