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Events in Palermo and surroundings: detail

From May 28 2019 to December 31 2020


Visit the Massimo Theatre

Get to know the Massimo with a guided tour: explore the stunning auditorium and the most interesting halls of the third largest opera house in Europe. 

What a wonderful view from the roof terrace!

Enjoy breathtaking views of Palermo from the top of the opera house. Take the standard guided tour and add this unique opportunity to explore a part of the backstage area. Booking is compulsory. Comfortable shoes (no high heels) are highly recommended. 

Tours are available everyday 9.30am - 6pm. (THE LAST TOUR STARTS AT 5.30pm)

Tours on Saturday 9.30pm - 8.30pm (the last tour starts at 8pm) according to show's schedule

The tour lasts about 30 minutes and is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Cocktail Tour

You can book a special guided tour that includes a cocktail in the sitting room of the Royal Box.
The tour is offered to groups of 10 to 30 people. Booking is compulsory (at least 7 days in advance). 

Concert and Cocktail Tour

This option, available for groups ranging from 30 to 100 people , includes a special concert in one of the Halls of the Theatre, a cocktail in the sitting room of the Royal Box and the guided tour of the opera house. Booking is compulsory (at least 7 days in advance)

Backstage Tour

Visit the stage and see what's behind an opera or a ballet at the Massimo! You will nevere experience the same tour twice, as the stage changes according to what is being performed. Booking is compulsory for this tour and must be planned according to production times. 



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