Art Hotel

Staying at the Joli Art Hotel in Palermo is the opportunity for a classy vacation, in a hotel with turn of the century charm, ideal for those who appreciate the art and elegance of the Liberty residences.

In fact, reproductions of late nineteenth century and early twentieth century artworks embellish the hotel's comfortable environments, arouse pleasant feelings and leave indelible memories in the soul of every traveler.

The meeting room is periodically set up as an art gallery and hosts small shows and exhibitions, while the rooms are embellished with beautiful copies of works from the early twentieth century.

An unforgettable journey through art and culture......

«It is in us that landscapes have scenery. Therefore, if I can imagine them, I can create them; if I create them, they exist; if they exist, I see them. [...] Life is what we make of it. Journeys are travelers. What we see is not what we see, but who we are.»
(Fernando Pessoa)

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